What high-performing marketers do differently.

Justin Flitter
3 min readOct 18, 2022
Justin Flitter — Circles of Fire


At the core of marketing is the ability to understand both your market and your customers. How your product or service elevates them, their team, their business and their customers.

As marketers we must understand the emotional drivers, the pain points our customers need us to solve. And translate those into product vision, purpose, and proposition.

“Our prime directive is not to do digital media or AI. Our prime directive is to bring the voice of the customer into the organisation. No one else does that except marketers.” -Mark Ritson


Buyer behaviour, channels to market, digital platforms, social trends are all changing in front of us every day. Marketers need an insatiable desire to experiment, think, discuss, ask, listen, learn, react, and evaluate, at pace.

Before tactics, comes strategy. Before Strategy comes understanding. That’s where curiosity plays.

With curiosity, comes resourcefulness. A hunch plays on your mind. Data provides direction. Yet only the intuitive insight of humans with unique perspectives comes truly remarkable solutions. Sometimes, almost always, asking people outside your community provides the game-changing revelation you seek.



Justin Flitter

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